14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for bringing homemade clock to school



"Ahmed told The Dallas Morning News that he showed his clock — a simple device, created from a circuit board and a power supply wired to a digital display, all strapped inside a case with a tiger hologram on the front — to his engineering teacher first, who advised him not to show any other staff members at MacArthur High School. "

It sounds like there is one faculty member in this story who has a clue(it’s sad that that advice is what counts as good advice; but it was good advice). Everyone else; there are neither enough faces nor enough palms available to do them justice…



FYI, here is Glenn Greenwald on this story:


Speaking of Gawker, Torchinsky’s piece on it on Jalopnik is rather good, especially his idea of what should be the penance for the idiots involved in said farrago: http://jalopnik.com/attention-idiots-not-everything-with-wires-is-a-bomb-1730998399
(Jason is the best thing about Jalopnik since there’s no more Murilee & Johnny, and since Denton owns it. It gives me hope)


He could have done something far worse with that clock…


Years ago I bought a mock dynamite cluster-with-clock at ArchieMcPhee that I don’t think…is still available, and sent it to my Dad. For whatever reason, he then traveled two legs of a domestic US flight before hitting the freak-out (they found it in his checked bags). He can laugh about it now, but he also believes he was added to the TSA watchlist for it. Gotta be one of the best gifts I’ve ever sent him.

If I’m not mistaken:


Is it a high pitched kind of laughter that trails off then comes back stronger and more unhinged when you least expect it?


It’s more of a low inheritance-what-inheritance chortle, really :smile:


Now I want to start a kickstarter that shoots confetti out of the tubes when the timer hits zero…shipping may be an issue though!


What I love about all this is that the torrent of cascading idiocy has made this enterprising young lad famous amongst just the sort of folks who’ll be interviewing him for a job in a few years :grin:

He’s already scored a squiz at a Mars rover, FFS! Definite net win. Young tech-heads, take note… :wink:

ETA: bwaaahahahahah: President Obama invites the boy who was arrested for making a clock to the White House :joy:


Where does this child go to school? The Wil E. Coyote School for Future Engineers?


I read that story in the news… hehe… clock making was a real art form back in the mid sixties… in Berkeley and general east bay area…


getting kinda copycat thang… tic tic tic…



I have to tell you that I like your post. :green_heart:


I like that you liked their post.


You don’t need Weatherman to know which way the wind blows.


Roger that!


Acknowlidging in the afirmative.