£15,000 "solid gold" beer prize can turns out to be £500 gold-plated beer can

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BrewDog no doubt saw this beer can thing as a way to distract from the allegations of sexism, which the letter in @beschizza’s post refers to. They had recently hired someone to address this, but this is a bit deep to be taken care of by a single hire.


They are that thing I’ve never met: Scottish Tories.

I think they stink of American “libertarianism” (sorry, can’t have that strand without quotes). Anyway, their signature flavour is an attempt to copy Sierra Nevada American IPA. Buy the real stuff if you like that kind of thing maybe?


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This one time, at beer camp.


I’m shocked that a company that made their name on super-high gravity beers, taxidermied bottles and not, you know… beer quality has no scruples and a toxic culture.

Shocked, I tell ya.


Well, BrewDog and Stone have been in a race for most insufferable brewing company for a while now. Nah, who am I kidding, Stone never stood a chance. BrewDog are bellends.


How in the world did they expect to get away with this? Did they think all the cans would be treated as collectables?


I think they are of the Ryanair school of publicity.

Talking of misogynistic corporate culture…


But not a toy Yoda?

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They went from hit to shit pretty quickly. A couple of years ago, I feel like not-very-hip columnist types were always mentioning Brewdog as the prime exemplar of cool new breweries, although I’m not sure they were ever anything of the sort, and they certainly weren’t by the you could buy their MoR beer in any supermarket.

I never heard they had a chain of pubs(?) but I guess it would track for this kind of faux-indie IPO-focused company. I could see them opening ”popups” in regional shopping malls and places like that skin-crawling Boxpark at the other end of Bethnal Green Road.

I would google these founders to see if they’re public schoolboys who met at Edinburgh or Newcastle, but why bother, because of course they are. Why else would media types know they exist?


I thought they were cool when they opensourced their entire current catalog and offered it in a pdf, tbh.

But their beers were complex and didn’t really deliver anything unique.

I imagine an actual 24k gold can replica would be a somewhat difficult engineering task to accomplish. Plus, the finished product would dent/compress rather easily.

(I was misled at first. When they said solid gold, I supposed the can itself was solid, ie filled, with gold, moving the potential value from $20k to millions.)

Yeah… if I won one of these “solid gold” turds the first thing I’d do would be to melt it into bar form. (and find out in the process that it was only plated).

Given that jewelry manufacturers can truthfully guarantee their products to appraise for double the retail cost, the cans appraised at 500 are probably actually worth less than the cost of an appraisal.

A british beer can holds 440 ml. The density of gold is 19.32 g/cubic centimeter. The price of gold is 56.87 dollars per gram.

483400 dollars worth of gold.

The weight would be a big giveaway.


Yeah, the weight is the giveaway: a beer-can-shaped gold ingot would weigh in the vicinity of 8.5 kilograms, almost 19 pounds, so you’d instantly know upon picking up a case whether it had a winning can, which means none of the cases would ever hit the market, because they would be snapped up by a distributor or a retailer.


So, was there actually beer in the cans or not?