$15 lightweight, stackable backpacking cookware

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It does look like a nice little compact set for camping. But, if your’re carrying this many pans/utensils in a backpack, we have different ideas of a good time hiking. Hike your own hike (HYOH), but in my opinion these are too big.

Again, just my opinion - a small pot to boil water or fry an egg or two is all you need, if you aren’t going no-cook. More miles = more fun, and less weight = more miles. I’ve carried as much as 70 pounds in a pack, and it was unpleasant. These days, my pack weight is edging closer to 10 pounds before adding food/water/fuel. It’s less like a grueling workout and more like a pleasant walk.

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Your backpack is quite a bit smaller than mine.


That is a decent price. But note that the 10 pc cooking kit has exactly one pan and one pot and one lid between them. The rest of the pieces are things like sporks n gizmos (and a loofa? ok). I am also leery of any camping cook gear that has plastic on the handles. I have a set of 3 nesting pots made of stainless, with similar handles but no plastic. slightly bigger mb? I bought em over thirty years ago and they have cooked on every fuel known to man (except dung, no way man! :wink:
They contain a few bowls, spices and little sacks of sugar and salt and cocoa stuffed in every corner. Last time I backpacked with my son and a friend and his son, other dad didn’t pack enough fuel, so I scavenged all the charcoal ends from empty sites and we had enough fuel for dinner and breakfast - pot looked a bit black but cleaned up with some elbow grease and a scratchy pad). Probably some off brand stainless from india?

I tried to search em out for you folks, but this is the only gear that came close?



I blanch at the thought of wearing a Vanagon as a backpack, but there it is in the title. :wink:


Snow peak makes some great cooking gear. I have one of their small titanium pots, which is really more like a large mug in size. It’s perfect for the kind of backpacking I am trying to do.

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i also have one of those snow peak titanium large mugs/small pots. it’s beautiful.

Worth it to find the stainless steel model with the real cork if you can. The aluminium bodied version is only slightly less expensive.

When listing items for a bug out bag, things that need to be cooked tend to be left out. In the worst case scenario, I wouldn’t want to attract other scavengers with tasty aromas. If using that bag to go camping, cookware still wouldn’t make the list because I could do something like this instead:


I hike with ONE cook pot (large enough that I don’t spill anything on the ground when stirring), ONE plastic or metal coffee cup, and ONE large spoon.

That’s it, that’s all you need unless you’re “car camping.” And I know people who don’t even bring a coffee cup, drink their coffee right out of the cook pot.

its too pretty for work… my colleagues try to steal my snow peak mug

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