Beautiful portable camping kitchen

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My dad built something like this when I was very young, because we went camping a lot. He used plywood, and hinges from the hardware store, and it didn’t run anything like $5,000. I mean, seriously – this is a great idea, but $5k?


My first thought was, I wish we’d had something like this when I was a Boy Scout.

My second thought was, oh yeah, we did. After a couple of camping trips there was a big burn down one side, half the stuff was missing, the other half was bent or broken, and there was a bottle of syrup full of dead ants stuck to the bottom of it.


For that kind of money - they can deliver the meals. By helicopter!

I dont see marshmallow sticks?? Do Germans not smore? And if not, what is the point of camping lol!?

… Found an expat blogger that said she couldnt find graham crackers in her smallish german town. The horror!

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I believe the word you’re looking for is “chuckbox”.

I’ll take the one my dad made over this any day.


Where’s the rugged individualism in helicopter delivery?

I have my prawns arrive by mule-train, and my caviar delivered by a midget riding on the back of a bear, the same as my father, and his father before him. Not his father, though - he just bludgeoned a peasant until somebody intuited his desires. Wasn’t much for speaking, my great grand-pappy.

Anyway, you nouveau riche are soooo tiresome.

Winston, we’re done with the dictation, now. Let us see what feline or pratfall-based divertissements we can find on the YouTube.

Winston! Hit “reply”!


When I go camping all I need is this:

A lobo:

And a guy on a buffalo.

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Did I hear that right?


Not really. Well, I am sure someone does because that’s something they do in camping episodes of imported sitcoms, but no, it is not an established thing.

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Digestive biscuits might work in a pinch, if one can find them there. Sometimes I used to get the kind that was already coated with chocolate on one side - just add marshmallow, and maybe a little more chocolate. :smile: .

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Very nicely designed, but way overpriced.

You want to see some nice ones, go to an SCA event.

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… because it’s not camping when you don’t drag half your household along in your car?

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