Stainless steel cookset

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I look at these stoves all the time when I’m in Mountain Equipment Co-op. I’m really interested to know how the charging works. Let us know if you give it a shot?

The MEC, where I go, always have a post up selling those stoves. They’re considered trifle survival stoves.

Stanley Adventure Camp cook set, not so much. In fact very useful.

I got one when it first came out and have used it in the field. Its held up since then, I’m not gentle with it, so the build quality on mine was decent. If I had one pre-family I’d likely would have used it a lot more but now, with a family, I find it a bit small & under powered for our needs so I use it mostly for boiling water and charging devices. I wouldn’t use it as your main stove but it does work well enough for what it is - a reasonably efficient stove that burns wood with USB charging ports.

EDIT: I should likely clarify that I’m no longer a hardcore, every ounce counts kind of backpacker anymore. I don’t do “glamping” but I do like nearby toilets in my middle age. So no this stove is not for “serious” backpackers but as an auxiliary stove that can charge your gadgets when you can afford a bit of extra weight or when car camping? I think this stove is perfectly acceptable for that.


From here, it looks like it’s designed for backyard ‘camping’ (maybe, like, good for heating up hot chocolate).

Also, compared to other cheaper offerings (it even comes with a fire-starter!), it seems a little, uh, under-powered.

Actually, while I do believe that there are quite a few ‘ideal’ backpacking/camping stoves out there, I’ve yet to come across a cooking kit so good that I’d almost spend any amount for it.

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Thanks, that’s helpful!

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I did a backyard campout with my son a little more than 20 years ago. Built a campfire on the lawn and cooked lunch on a hobo stove made from a 2 lb coffee can. Had storms that night so we slept on the living room floor and toasted marshmallows in the fireplace. He’s 30 now

Tonight I had 2 glasses of wine instead of the usual 1. Anyway, I thought the title said “Stainless steel _cock_set.”

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