15 most poisonous animals on earth


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What about the 15 least poisonous animals on Earth? How come they never get their kudos?


My favorite is the serpentine Australian Sea Sn.

Called so because when bitten by one, people only live long enough to say, “Ouch! I just got bitten by a sn”*

*I stole that bit from Bill Bryson’s “In a Sunburned Country”


Hey Australia! What happened? The two examples Mark used are from America and Africa. Your reputation is at risk here!


They do get their kudos! We write whole books on them! (on how to best prepare them for eating) :smile:


Why is my X not on this list ?!?!?!


Food poisoning for a year… shudder.


That would be a venomous sn, not a poisonous one.


When you eat a poisonous one, you say “Yum, I just ate a sn”…


The animals on this list are ordered by increasing oral LD50 (Lethal
Dose 50%), so the further up the list we go, the smaller the amount of
toxin it would take for your body to fade to room temperature.

That sounds backwards. If the oral LD50 is increasing, that means more of the compound is needed to kill.

ETA: just watched, and indeed, it’s ordered by decreasingly lethal doses.


This guy keeps saying “pederin” as “peredin.”


Stop being so penadtic. :stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose they’re so poisonous because the poisons never need to come into contact with atmo, instead developed over the animals’ lifetime in small gall bladders, rather than be prepared for injection;
This also escapes the requirement to have natural resistance built into the animal in question.


I think he meant “Few and far between”…




Toxic, actually, and it would have to be an organic compound of Sn.


First time I picked up a Poison album, I had two thoughts: they have a chick in their band, good for them & on the tail of that: I guess their bass player is pretty cute…


I love Indian food.


Don’t humans produce poisonous substances too?


The poisonous nickel mimic is about to eat that tiny octopus? I suppose i should watch the video.