15 reasons why the world needs Ukrainian victory, by a historian of political atrocity

They’d need a time machine for that, though.


Yeah, pretty much; and post-WWI Germany was almost certainly in significantly worse shape in terms of industrial and technical base than contemporary Germany is.

A population already inured to butter shortages is probably easier to sell on more gun-related allocations than one that has had plenty of tasty consumer-focused economy; but that’s more or less the only sense in which contemporary Germany would be a worse candidate for being able to start stamping out weapon systems on comparatively short notice.


Thing is, there isn’t a “German” armaments industry as such anymore. These days it’s all multinational corporations and holdings, mostly European.
Take the Leopard 2, for instance. The company currently behind it is KMW+NEXTER Defense Systems N.V. which it a 50/50 French/German Holding, with it’s company seat in the Netherlands for tax reasons.
KMW (Krauss-Maffei Wegmann) makes the Leopard 2, Nexter makes the Leclerc. Joint French-German tank development goes back 40+ years.
Heckler & Koch was at some point owned by BAE, now by a holding in Luxembourg. Airbus… And so on.
The point, going back all the way to Robert Schumann and the European Coal and Steel Community in the 1950ies has been to make another European war impossible by interlocking the various national economies. Starting with the heavy industries needed to make heavy arms in large numbers.


Well the easy reason is that these are the two obvious plusgood opportunities for conflict between the three Orwellian superpowers. How Ukraine plays out will set the stage for Taiwan down the road.

China will keep playing the long game until they don’t. At first China had no choice, because they weren’t strong enough and didn’t have enough allies. The long game for China has been to grow stronger. And it benefits them for the western alliance to spend their strength against (current) number three, Russia.

It’s 1984’s never ending conflict scenario.

I am authorized to say that the action we are now reporting May well bring the war within measurable distance of its end
Here is the newsflash:
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