16 things Buzzfeed doesn't know about the ocean


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Hilarious smackdown on an awful article.

I mean, it’s okay for people to write awful articles! But you’d think an editor or somebody double-checked something, right?

And no, there aren’t mermaids sigh

Maggie- I keep meaning to write and tell you that the people that started Mental Floss went to my high school.

Oh, man. I’ve heard so many stories about that high school at this point. John Green went there, too, right? And there was an evil swan?

I am older than them, pretty sure (class of '87). The swan was just installed and pretty but in my opinion a bad idea; it just wasn’t that kind of lake. But I grew up at the school - my dad was a teacher there. Howard Cruse who was featured here for his book Stuck Rubber Baby also went there - years before me. And the director of Saturday Night Fever was also a student and is on the board - also way older than me. At the time I went it was kind of in a slump but when I was a kid and my dad was a teacher there it was definitely a hip place. I’m glad it’s got its mojo back.

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Okay, I need to stop researching things. My searches for ‘Evil Swan’ and ‘Rubber Baby’ were. . odd.

Ha ha. The swan was a gift of some well meaning alumnus (or I think maybe a former teacher?). It’s a lake that students walk around all the time so the bird poop addition was not really thought through. It was gifted the same year I graduated, and I’m guessing the poor thing kind of went psycho after a while.

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Ha! Yeah, they still kind of think they’re T-rexes sometimes, don’t they?

This makes much more sense than what I ended up with :wink:

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