Giant, rare "sea serpent" dragged to shore in California


If only all dead animals could be recovered by people so plainly thrilled by the experience.

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“so how did you find that extremely rare animal?”

CIMI is also a summer camp for young people - I spent every summer there as a pre-teen and teenager. It was wonderful. You learn to sail, SCUBA dive, take marine biology and underwater photography classes … it’s fantastic. I recommend it very highly if you have a kid interested in these subjects!


Wow, that sounds like a great camp!!!

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SWM seeking SWF:

Enjoys: Poetry, long walks on the beach, poking dead things with a stick…


High Five! I loved Sea Camp as a kid. Great experiences and educational. Added bonus, Toyon Bay was an old OSS training base in WWII. Made me feel like I was at Doc Savage training camp as a kid :slight_smile:

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I went there also, as a pre-teen, and it was SO AWESOME. I was sad when I couldn’t afford the teen camp. At least in the 80s, it was pretty spendy, though absolutely worth it if the money is there.

The whole camp is beautiful and getting to learn how to do amazing stuff made it one of the highlights of my childhood.


I’m sure that dog was disappointed he couldn’t roll in it.

He’ll be returning to dig it up later


When were you there? I was maybe 82-86, I think.

I recommend it very highly if you have a kid interested in these subjects…

and four grand to spend on you kid’s summertime fun.

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Holy crap. Prices have increased drastically - even with dollars adjusted from the 80s, it would have been only about half that price. Yowch. Well, I guess my kids won’t be able to go - we’re not wealthy. Too bad that current attendees will only get to hang out with other wealthy kids, rather than the (slightly broader) cohort we had back then. :frowning:

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Don’t remind me. I have to deal with one that likes to roll in badger-shit. It’s like Sex Panther Cologne for dogs, or something.

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Boy, I think it would have been 90 and 91 for Jr. Sea Camp, then 92 and 93 for Full Sea-camp. I my mom actually ended up serving as camp nurse my last year which wavied the cost for my sister and I.

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Ozymandias is behind this, I’m sure of it.

Came for the sea serpent, stayed for the dawg.


Ah, a king of herrings.

(Norwegian is usually a very utilitarian language. I count that as one of the exceptions.)

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