Astounding underwater photography contest winners


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Excuse me, that whale’s tail is clearly above the water.


The colors on that ribbon eel are amazing. I love it!



Awesome link :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Thank you @pesco for posting some wonderfullness.

We sure need it right now.


Is it too late for me to submit my picture? I have here a picture of a beached whale


Get that hideous thing outa here! This is for underwater photography!


Make Atlantis Great Again



Well, it is a fluke.



Seriously, if you haven’t yet learned to dive, you owe it to your future self. Diving is likely the closest I’ll come to visiting another world. Highlight moments in my recreational diving career include:

Hanging onto the top of a bommie in a strong current while a manta ray swims lazily above me at just the right speed to remain stationary and get a 15-minute belly scratch.

Coming out of a cave just as a humpback whale and calf swim past

Being surrounded by a vertical cylinder of barracuda

Oh, and pretty well every dive that included an octopus or cuttlefish.

And while I haven’t dived for 10 years now, the memories I have are still vibrant.


I’d like to do it some day but i have neither the available vacation time nor the money. Some day i hope though.


The truth is, we exist within the oceans world. We are living on a #WaterPlanet.



Your comment made me realize that for most people, diving would be considered a luxury vacation pursuit. I had the good fortune to live in Australia for a decade and belong to a university dive club. We’d camp and dive all weekend for under $100. The club had all the gear you needed except for the more personal wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins. And every year we’d head north from the Sydney area to camp and dive for a week on a coral atoll on the Barrier Reef.


there’s some local diving here where I live. Eventually i’d like to take some diving classes



If i go diving i’ll make sure to re-post said gif

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