Watch sharks in a frenzied whale feast

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Anyone know how the dead whale got there? Dragged in and used as bait for tourists or a natural occurrence? The source article is paywalled and there’s no information on the video.

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I’ve done a low-level flight over those islands. “Sharky” is how I’d describe the area generally. Good remote surf breaks around there but not for the those of nervous disposition.


What is that water, 13 inches deep?

You get in and see. I’ll hold your watch.


My buddy and I, waaaaay back in the day, were putting around the intracoastal waterway somewhere near Jensen Beach, FL, in his little 15 foot Boston Whaler, and we came across a shark that had lodged itself on a sandbar during low tide–it was submerged up to just under midway on the body and slowly moving its back fin back and forth, but not enough to get it off the sandbar.

We drafted shallow enough to put the boat right next to the shark, finding that the animal was longer than the boat, and that it’s dorsal fin was really tall!!!..and then the shark gave enough of a tailslap to put a shitload of water into the boat, shifting the boat a few feet away and making it very clear to us to Leave. It. Alone. Right. Fucken. Now.

As I get older, the shark gets bigger, but I’ll never forget the fear and thrill of being just this close to falling in front of that giant beast, then a quick thrashing, some severed muscle, artery and bone, salt and copper in the mouth, and then the cold dark.








Ugh. Lunch. Gee.

Whales are the smartest food on the Earth.

We are the dumbest protected lunch ever…

And that was a whale joke…


p.s. Did you see what the whale just did there?

p.p.s. Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Little paywall tip for you. Google the title of the article you want to read. In this case it’s “Drone captures sharks feeding on whale near Shark Bay” then click the link from google. For some smarter paywalls you might need to do Incognito mode or Private Browsing depending on the paywall, the browser, and your settings. Paywalls let google bypass.

As to your question there’s not much in there, just:
“It is unclear whether the whale was killed by the sharks or was already dead.”

Death in nature is the norm, cycle of life and all.

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After watching the chilled-out sharks having a leisurely meal, I’m going to have to re-calibrate my idea of the word ‘frenzied.’


I use this all the time. Continue to be surprised that it continues to work.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…

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Agree. “Feeding frenzy” seems like more hyperbole to make sharks looks bad. You can find more violent feeding frenzies any day at Chuck E Cheese.

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