Watch this teen's drone footage of a great white shark casually swimming around unwitting people

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Reminds me of the first time I dived where there were supposed to be sharks (nurse sharks) resting on the bottom and the dive master intructed us:
“They may look peaceful, but please don’t touch the sharks, because they they will be annoyed and swim away so the other divers won’t get to see them”. Obviosly someone just had to check, but in reality the sharks didn’t care.


I saw a shark swimming right next to the boat, snapped this pic:


Drone better be careful.


AIUI, humans don’t usually look like food to sharks, but sometimes they do a bit. A shark might take a nibble out of someone before deciding they’re unpalatable.


I have snorkelled in what seemed close vicinity to a whale shark (not a predator but huge), I was more concerned about the lion fish in the reef, but I think a little bit of fear (as long as you don’t let it leak out) is probably a good idea.



Generally you’d rather use “uninterested” here. "Disinterested” mainly means having no personal stake or bias in a situation, as in jurors can and ideally should be both interested and disinterested in the proceedings.


Nice try vying for your very own official BB Pedant Pendant!


Sharks are such cool creatures, and they are very common on the eastern coast of the United States between the Carolinas and Florida, so you can see them fairly often. The biggest problem is people stepping on sharks; they like surprisingly shallow water, and if you step on one they sometimes come up biting before they realize what happened…


Dogs too, come to think of it. It’s why I’d be really hesitant to acquire a really powerful dog.

(Hey, this isn’t off topic, the thread is about teeth!!)


Honestly, same.


Was snorkeling off Cancun and saw a barracuda, that was enough to fill my mind for the rest of the swim with what else could be around.

Odds are greater getting into a car crash on the way to the beach… play it safe, don’t be bleeding, keep aware of your surroundings and enjoy the water.

From what I read sharks generally do not like eating people, which is why shark attacks are so rare.

Studies have shown that when they do hunt people they do not hunt them the same way they do seals (more carefully, speculated to be because we can poke them in the eye).

When sharks do attack, it is almost always what is called an, “exploratory bite” to see how good eating the thing is. They almost never come back for more. Speculated to be because we are too lean on average to justify the effort (they like easy food or energy dense food).

To sum up: Too risky, not fatty enough.

So indeed these encounters are probably very common. Think of all the sharks less than 2 feet in length not visible from the air!


Speak for yourself. Some of us are docile and quite succulent.



Sorry, I just saw this photo shoot and it was the first thing that came to mind.

Carry on…

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First time I ever went scuba diving, as in first time in the water during certification training, I found myself face to face with a barracuda. He was just chillin’ under the dock 2 feet from me. In my head, I’m thinking “something something barracuda something something.” I knew they had a reputation, but couldn’t recall if I should worry or not. After a few minutes of staring at each other, I moseyed on (can you mosey under water?). In retrospect: Yikes!


First time i met a barracuda I was more like “Oh, cool, a bunch of saltwater pike”.

The Darling Mermaid Darlings??

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The Clams actually.

“Melbourne’s least professional” :laughing: