"Monster worm" found in Vietnam






I’ll take “dead whale”, with a side bet on “viral marketing for a new videogame”.


Excellent! My complete lack of rhythm is now a valuable adaptive-fitness-enhancing feature!


if you walk without rhythm, huh, you’ll never learn


Yeah, its a dead whale you can see the blowhole at the beginning. Beware the wrath of the outsider.


Its a juvenile blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus). The positioning of the dorsal fin, the pectoral fins and the baleen underneath the jaw pretty much confirms it.


The question is “how did a whale tunnel so far inland?”


Sinkholes and soil liquefaction would be my guess. Also, fracking.


The article doesn’t even mention the bowl of petunias found next to it.





Oh no, not again…


at least they didn’t try to remove it with dynamite


It is McRib season again, is it not? People go CRAZY over those things…


Why would authorities drag a whale inland and tell people it was a giant worm? I don’t see how it could be anything but a whale.


Indeed a whale, but a worm whale.


Quantum tunneling. As that relies on the wave/particle duality, it is usually not seen in objects of nearly that mass (with the largest laboratory demonstrations being carbon fullerenes, and photons being the usual victims); but aquatic mammals are atypically adept at expressing wave behavior.

The math is pretty ugly; but I assure you that the physics are sound*


So long and thanks for all the fish?


I don’t see much reason to conclude that it’s actually “inland.” The tires of the trailer appear to be partially submerged in water; if the cameraman turned around, I suspect we’d see the ocean.