The largest worm in the world is as tall as an elephant, and many other wormy facts in We Dig Worms

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The largest worm in the world


I always thought it was this little guy.



So he’s as tall as an elephant because he is an elephant?

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We just got it from the library. 5 year old approved.

I originally read this as “The largest woman in the world is as tall as an elephant.” and thought “hm, that is big.” before not clicking and scrolling away an hour ago.

I don’t know, the idea that you can refer to a long worm as “tall” by dangling it from a certain height to the ground just doesn’t sit right with me…


Yup…“as long as an elephant is tall” would work much better.

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just imagine a little bird, grabbing one end of the worm and trying to fly away.

Heh, I’d expect when worms get that big, “the early bird gets eaten by the worm.”

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The longest worm is the bootlace worm, which has been found to reach 55 meters in length. That would be quite an elephant.

The longest earthworm gets up to 9’.

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Technically, you’re correct, which is the best kind of correct.

But when someone says “worm” they’re most likely to mean annelid earth worms, and to a lesser extent nematode roundworm parasites (because we like to keep cats and dogs) or platyhelminth tapeworms (because we cook meat to avoid getting them)… Unless you’re talking to Kelly Weinersmith, of course. But she’s a parasitologist who works with Trematodes.

Still though, technically correct.

I wonder whether the author is related to Robert McCloskey…

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