Giant worms roam Australia


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I’m picturing the fish you can catch with THAT!!


They get so much bigger


Everyone relax. I called a couple of my friends to take care of things.



I haven’t watched that in ages. Might be time to introduce my eldest to it.


Came here for the Tremors references. Was not disappointed.

“Broke into the wrong goddam rec room didn’t you, you bastards?!”


Can we keep him?

Also, no “Delightful Creatures” tag?


I reckon you got some worms there.



May his passing cleanse the world.






Welcome To Jamaica Mon, Have A Nice Day!


Wonder what kind of fish you catch with that thing?


But does it glow in the dark like the NZ giant earthworm Octochaetus multiporus?


But does it shoot lightning bolts like the Mongolian death worm?


Nope. I don’t want any part of that. Not ever.


David Attenborough and Chris Watson have one they’d like to show you:


Oh Dr. Hackenbush, you’re the only one who understands me, why until I met you I thought there was nothing wrong with me!