Monster leech swallows giant worm



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This could be vastly improved by the addition of some 70s porn music.


Yeahh… spaghetti. Spaghetti is definitely what I thought of first.




Definitely a great X vs Y vid, my kids love these!
Almost as good as the one where the monitor lizard tries to eat the Honey Badger in its burrow and instead becomes a delivery lunch.


In 200 years, those will be the highest lifeforms surviving. All hail our new Annelidian overlords!


In other leech news:


Sometimes a monster leech swallowing a giant worm is just a monster leech swallowing a giant worm.


I think I need a unicorn over here.


me too.


This could be vastly improved with a link to the source video and a bit of an explanation.


Oh cheezus. I can’t unsee that, can I?


You should see how big these things get on Arrakis! :slight_smile:

Wow, that video was awesome, way better then the gif. Thanks!

As someone who has done veterinary training, this unfortunately looked too much like many animal genitalia.


Not really the same thing at all, but uneasily similar.


It’s gonna be a while before I’m able to receive and/or perform fellatio again…


It looks staged, and I don’t care for that.


Edit: better pic:



Saw this a few weeks ago on I09. I thought it was awesome.


How’s this one?


Wow. The bit where the leech is searching for the head of the worm, that’s the creepiest part!