Incredible "hole punch" cloud


This and related articles are best viewed in Chrome with the “cloud-to-butt” extension enabled. “Incredible “hole punch” butt”…hehehe.

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Neat! I saw one of these just a couple days ago, and I remember thinking that it looked like something big just, well, punched a hole in the sky. I was wondering what could have caused it, but the conditions (near freezing) seem right. It didn’t have the rainbow, and wasn’t as dramatic as the images of them I’m seeing online, but everything else was right: reasonably well-defined edges with a hazy center.

Thanks for giving me a name to put to it!

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My understanding is that this can occur when an aircraft climbs through a thin cirrus layer, also. The end result of punching through is similar.

The glow part is just cloud iridescence. Pretty though.

Korrumburra, home of cool clouds and giant earthworms.

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