Plane passenger snaps photo of giant humanoid walking on cloud


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Was he flying in a giant peach?


Hey, wanna see something really scary?


This isn’t a Fata Morgana. Go back to the Daily Mail article and look again - that bit at the end where they talk about that, they’re talking about another effect seen in China. This is some kind of cloud - you can tell because it is casting a shadow. I hate to say “go back to the Daily Mail to check your facts” because it is like saying “go back to the sewage pool to wash your hands” but in this case you’ve just slightly misread what they wrote.


Jesus Christ! Warn people before you Shatner!


It’s gotta be real, because what are the chances a cloud would look like something other than a cloud. . . except maybe for that one over there that looks like a horsie.


Giant? Up in the clouds? Did anyone see a goose?


suuuuupermannn :cry:



That is even more astonishing than a cloud simulacra… a Peanuts cartoon that made me chortle.


(thank you Charles Schulz for showing me the correct spelling of “horsie.”)


edit the wiki…


♫ There are giants in the sky!
There are big tall terrible giants in the sky! ♫


Oh, YES! Praise Jeebus and all his mighty shadow casting power!! First Actual Photo of Jeebus in all His glory! Thank you, Boing Boing! I’m gonna keep this page open and nail this laptop to the wall!


The China one wasn’t a Fata Morgana either – lazy reporting.

There was a good YouTube video on the “Captain Disillusion” channel about it.


Steam from a couple of factory smokestacks on a humid windless day?


Stone the heretic!


Cloud Giant by N. C. Wyeth


Horsie = diminutive noun

Horsey = unflattering adjective


As @doop alluded, it’s pretty clear to me as a frequent flyer that it’s smokestacks (or steam from nuke cooling towers) sending output over low clouds, with the corresponding shadow. Nothing to see here.