Humanoid figure spotted on moon




Have you checked ‘Street View?’


Why I’m POSITIVE that’s one of the gaffers they accidentally left behind when the government staged the moon landing way back when…


It’s DD Harriman.


Humans are pattern recognition animals. That is why we see faces in grilled cheese sandwiches and the Virgin Mary in a wall stain.

Now if you zoom in and look closely at the pic OMG THAT’S A MAN! STANDING RIGHT THERE ON THE MOON!


When they staged the moon landing… on the moon?

Maybe they have had secret moon bases for 100s of years and the real conspiracy was making people believe they only made it to the moon in the last century!


A humanoid figure on the moon? I’ve seen better photos.


Doctor Manhattan is sad that you are invading his privacy


Evangelion 4.0 teaser?


Since the “shadow” is pointing toward the sun, “Jasenko” must have fallen for the optical illusion that the craters are hills.


Came here to point that out. Beat me to it.


In his video, the eye camera is a virtual 678 feet above the surface of the moon.
Go to Google Earth, and look at a normal neighborhood with the eye camera at 678 feet above the surface of the Earth.
Compare the sizes of the “humanoid” on the moon to the size of your average family home. The “humanoid” is apparently larger than a house.


EXACTLY! It’s a giant! Obviously not a human…


What, you’ve never seen a giant before?


Sorry, folks. Next time I will keep out of the way when cameras are nearby. I didn’t mean to cause such a fuss.


The ad that popped up on the video exhorted me to learn my open-carry rights. I hate to poison the well, but this doesn’t fill me with confidence about the folks involved here.

Also, I think the figure is holding a harpoon.


Shooting on location can sometimes cut down on production costs, and gives the appearance of greater production value.

Anyway, cancel the hullabaloo, that’s just the projection of my outsized-ego.

Now, my id, heh – I could tell you stories!


At that resolution, that would be about a 40-foot tall humanoid, too.


Who stays to see the credits?


I think it’s Major Tom.