Unusual cloud seen in Australia


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I’m waiting for Alex Jones or George Noory to give us the real explanation.


Chemtrails. Look, you can even see the airplane!


Interesting. If we saw a feature like this in the atmosphere of another planet, we might well conclude, because of the straightness and regularity, that it could not have formed naturally and must be an indicator of a technological civilization. But as we see, we would have been wrong.


“Where it’s going up you’re getting the cloud, and where its going down you’re getting the clear lines.”

Well. That certainly explains things.


Shit, they found my hidden cocaine fields!


Probably not – especially when there is a simple explanation. I don’t think that anybody credible thinks that Saturn’s hexagon is evidence of intelligent design.


It’s called a “morning glory wave”. Google it for info including youtube of a hang glider surfing it.



I was expecting this:


The sky god is tending his sky Zen garden with a cloud rake.



It’s a fleet of really stealthy f-35 !


Looks like Greece is invading Australia.


Unidentified Combing Objects!


A good reason to turn off the screens, get outside, and throw a stone in a pond.




No, those are bar codes used by the Vogon Destruction Fleet.


It’s caused by HAARP


Like these https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap090824.html