Incredibly strange spherical cloud spotted in Japan


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It’s Rover! One of the Prisoners must be escaping.

Rover ball from The Prisoner spotted in the wild



Too fuzzy. My bet is that it is Laputa.



The two photos were clearly not taken at the same time. The second photo is a sunset or sunrise pic, while the first has a daylight blue sky; even allowing for a different angle, the first sky would be darker taken at those times. Not to mention that the background clouds don’t match in texture or consistency.


Looks like Pink Floyd is doing a reunion album.


Not this shit again. Who’s gonna get permabanned now? :wink:


Clouds are round now.

Just keep piling it on 2016. I don’t even care anymore.


Don’t taunt 2016, it can always be worse.


Clearly Rogue One marketing.



Godzilla FART.


And that’s the last thing the people of Alderaan ever saw.



It looks like the opposite of a Soot Sprite.


dammit people we are being hacked by the russians!!


Clearly part of the Totoro cloud pantheon


God save us from that!