16-year-old boy is a hit at Tokyo "pseudo-girl" maid cafe

The ones that are fronts for prostitution often are. Of course, not all maid cafes are fronts for prostitution, but it can be hard to tell.


Looking at their website, the term they use is 男の娘, which is a play on words, because “男の子” means “boy,” but the character 娘 (though pronounced the same in this case) means “daughter” or young girl. It is not nearly as bad as it sounds in English.


Before that one there was also: Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight which is a more fantastical look at the concept.

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For that, the future would also have to be absent of the power-hungry and the criminally greedy who would attempt to find other ways of creating the needed rifts.

Thank you.

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