Cheeky eight-year-old moves "boy" clothes into Tesco's girl section

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I hope she’s an orphan, I want to adopt her!


On the bright side if she’s not an orphan her parents seem to be raising her well.


Dear god why did I click through to the comments? “How could people possibly insult an eight-year-old girl?” I naively thought. ::sigh::

It seems the most common line of thought is that she has been “brainwashed” by her parents. If there is a silver lining to this story, it’s the pleasure I got noting the irony in the commenters’ complete obliviousness to the fact that raising kids is brainwashing.




Ironically the toxic commentators on YouTube have their knickers in a bunch because – God forbid – Mom has likely been bringing her daughter up to think critically about relevant things…such as what she might want to be and do in life when she grows up. Can’t have that…

Regarding those clothes: do you think they might have that “Hey!” shirt sized for a geezer in his mid-60’s?


I notice she’s wearing the ultimate unisex outfit: a martial arts gi.


She puts the “gi” in “You go girl!”?


I was thinking the same thing.

Crane Technique. If do right, no can defend.

Nailed it. :muscle:


"This has, of course, not sat well with internet trolls"
What good deed does?


Mike, 11 is acting weird again! /stranger things sarcasm

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Honestly, in the end, it’s just another thing some overworked and underpaid retail worker is going to have to clean up.

If some retail worker actually tried moving the clothes from one section to another, he or she said worker would probably end up getting fired, and would likely fail to attract public sympathy in today’s overcrowded news market. In fact, I’d wager that’s already happened – and said worker is out there quietly seething that a “cheeky eight-year-old” has gotten far more attention than said worker ever did.

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And all this counter-culture behavior is exactly why, little lady, that you will only get paid 70 cents on the dollar compared to men.

Now get in the kitchen and make me a sammich!

Mansplaining done right.

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Having been that overworked and underpaid retail worker, I can guarantee that this little mess is the least of your concerns for the day. Stock not being where it needs to be is a constant, the background radiation of closing. This kid didn’t make much MORE work than the hundreds of jerkasses before her who did the same thing with much less intentionality or humanity.

And in the long run, this kid’s disorganization is fighting against the system that produced it - maybe this kid’ll grow up, get a job in advertising/marketing/merchandising, and fix the problem from within.


In this case, the angry people saying mean things on the internet are not the trolls. They are the marks who have been trolled.
Even in the video you can see the little girl giggling about the chaos and strife she is wreaking on patriarchal ideology; effective troll is effective.


My experience is that “trolling” means not simply getting a reaction from people, but using false rhetoric for the purposes of getting a reaction rather than making any sort of cogent point. I don’t consider her a troll because she articulated a valid point, regardless of whether others happen to agree with it.

Anyone who is upset about what she said and did and thinks that those upset feelings were the whole point needs to get over themselves. This isn’t all about you.


The internet never fails to ruin ones faith in humanity…


Nobody ever comments about a kid being coached when a kid says something like a prayer, the national anthem, or some inane support for “the troops” or whatever.


I think they were trolled into thinking bullshit that doesn’t help them at all, and this girl is trying to untroll them.


You have all my likes, forever.


Our collective support for the troops only extends as far as sending them to their deaths for basically no reason. As soon as they come back, if they do come back, they can go fuck themselves for all we care.