Rue 21 tells 14-year-old shopper she's "too big to be in this store"


Isn’t knowing how to make people feel inferior and deeply unwelcome without actually saying it in so many words considered a basic social skill?


This sole comment (as I type this) on the linked article just has me going “wat”:

i doubt that happened. it is just a way to raise some school clothes money.

Seriously… wat. This doesn’t strike me as a compensation case. o_O


Also, the author of the comment doesn’t strike me as an adult. They could just be typing without really thinking.

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Pretty much the only way to comment, in my opinion.


Baboon nuggets!


Hmm… Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.


Adults do plenty of that too.

I poked around their website. Dresses come in sizes S-XL, whatever that might mean.

I suppose there are brusquer ways of telling a customer that “nothing in this store is likely to fit you” but “you’re too big to be in this store” is downright rude. And “you need to leave” is offensive.

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That doesn’t preclude them being an adult. Chronologically, at least…

If I worked there, I’d pull her aside and say, “This store sucks ass. I work here because there’s not many more options for retail in this location. I can help you rock some awesome stuff, but you might not fit much here. I’m already writing corporate about this shit.”

My mom was a fat girl growing up. I was not. (My own time came briefly later.) I remember hearing her lament about how she couldn’t find cool shit to wear when she was younger, and that she had to try to throw her own stuff together, with mixed results. She was a tall girl to boot. (“I could never wear heels with your father…”)

If a corporation is too dumb to realize that there’s fat people with awesome style and money they want to spend, they can go hang. Seriously.


Technically, the Strings newsletter is invisible–it can only be seen by those who have a firm grasp on object oriented ontologies and their application to each and every episode of Adventure Time. And Baboon nuggets; though I shudder at the thought of the man-and-or-woman who has a firm grasp on those.

There is a clothes shop in Melbourne which got free publicity by throwing non-hip shoppers out of their store,

hmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmm.

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