Honest store displays


Where did these come from? I’m assuming it’s someone’s art project - are there more?


Meh. Fashonista snobbery.

Function is form.


Honestly, every clothing sign should just be “YMMV” as that’s pretty much how it actually works.


This is a classic from downtown Manhattan. Humility, or lack of confidence, or perhaps a lawyer involved.



And an “-ish” after all the sizes?


Those clothes are working as intended.

Do they make labels for vanilla ice cream whining that they aren’t chipotle-lime shrimp flavored?


OK … So on the Straight Fit Horrifyingly Banal Jeans, now I really want to know what it is that “***No-one will want to f…***” do.


There should be a website that outs brands that engage in vanity sizing. I get wronged by that regularly because I just don’t like fitting clothes/changing booths. I’m busy, I know my waist size & inseam, if I have time to fit clothes I have the time to have them made to fit.

Not to mention my absolute confusion when long ago a gf tried to tell me on the telephone what size she wore, where. “At Banana Republic I’m a size Zero, at …(size zero interrupted further listening while continuums collapsed)…and there I’m a size Two but that’s bullshit…” So I got her a large mirror with a beautifully carved birds eye maple frame and matching hand mirror instead, which went over quite well.

Size Zero. Did she really exist at all?

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If it helps you feel better, a Banana republic Size 0 is a size 32 in Europe.


There aren’t too many lower case letters with a half height initially vertical stroke turning right at bottom. Which leaves you seeking for verbs starting fu.

My guess is furnish. As in “No-one will want to furnish you with a fuck.


My guess is: “No-one will want to fund your start-up”.


“No-one will want to fulfill your creepy fantasies, freak.”

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Hey, for us scientists, it’s size 273.16 (you insensitive clod)

Banana Republic Size 0 in the UK is like a 10. For the smallest size in the store, that’s pretty big. The only thing I bought from there was a dress that I had to have taken in (declaration: I’m about the height of an ewok). If you go and ask for a 00 you are escorted off the premises and posted through your own letterbox. And those labels should be at Gap, the jeans there are terribly confusing and I always need my hand held and someone to explain them to me. I’d love a sign like “these are the ones you liked before, we’ve just given them a daft new name”.


Don’t get me started on the total absurdity of women’s sizing. I went 20 years and 30 lbs before the number on my jeans actually changed. They just keep making them bigger and putting smaller numbers on them.

There was a point where I had to buy my daughter 00 jeans. Her legs were too long to shop in girls but she was too skinny for most adult jeans. I think she’s some sort of quantum string being.


Then she might want to try out Haggars new quantum slacks:


My guess is that Rob made it:

  1. he does this a lot
  2. this is his kind of humor
  3. “horrifyingly banal” sounds like something a British person might say

What do I win??? (I could use some slacks…)

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