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Well at least this junk is cooler than most of the other junk. Are you sure about that final stage?


Can I get a BB onsie, 34 waist, sized for a 6’3" bastard?


I’ll take mine fitted for an oil drum I painted to look like Trogdor The Burninator.


I call the BB briefs. Size XL, in pink please. With Jackhammer Jill on the butt.


Okay, can I get a BB bow tie, size 18 1/2 neck?


Boxer briefs!

#Boxer briefs!


Go ahead. I want tighty pinkies.


I have worn every underwear ever. Boxer briefs are the only true way.

(My favorite are avocado green, like a bad seventies house)


No thongs?


We have learned so much about you recently…


And yet nothing you couldn’t learn ordinarily :smile:

(I wore a BB shirt through SJC the other day and a flight attendant stared at it for a solid 35 seconds. I explained, “Its too long to to even try to tell you what’s going on :blush:”)


That’s what Americans argued was the end of history… a consumerist paradise!


I thought it was an Amish paradise?


That song gives Coolio a major sad. and only SOME people live in an Amish paradise… it ain’t us, I think! :wink:


I seem to recall from some interview that Weird Al and Coolio had made amends.


Good for them! I had not heard that. Glad that the most important rift of our times is now solved!


by these items

I think you mean bye.



I think this will be the year I finally enamel my escutcheon.