Best boxer briefs: Calvin Klein


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TMI :laughing:


The CK that I’ve got have cheep elastic. They may be OK for you slim guys but for guys like me the top rolls like a MF.



Why go for Modern Cotton when you can have Magnetic Force, Air FX, INTENSE POWER!!!, or IRON STRENGTH?

I mean, they all look good on the models and Pictures Don’t Lie! Or something.



I do not wish to know that.


I like Jockey trunks better, and they’re 2/$10 at (vs 2/$25 at amazon).


Just look at it!


I like the Ex Officio ones. More moisture wickingtm!


At a public appearance someone asked Mel Brooks, “Boxers or briefs?”

His answer: “Depends!”


Also available: their ‘Cool de Sacs’ breathable range.


I wholeheartedly recommend MeUndies - they’re the best I’ve ever tried. They’re a bit more expensive, but so worth it.


I’m a big fan of an Australian undies company called Obviously (for what are obvious reasons) The way the ‘anatomical’ style are cut means that they’re quite comfortable on the bicycle, which I often found troublesome with other pants - and unlike other kecks, they don’t become problematic at the front when my weight fluctuates at the back, if you know what I mean.

Not making any great claims - I just find them super comfortable. They do an oversized version for the truly lucky.



I can’t believe how low the bar hangs on this topic. I wish to be brief, but I’m going to have to pack alot in this post, because there’s zero support for everyone’s picks.

By far, better than all other underwear, including Hanes, Calvin Klein, Underoos, or even Under Armour, is the best garment ever made to protect, support, and make safe the populace. That, namely, is cop underwear. SWAT team underwear: otherwise known as the 5.11 tactical series performance brief.

Never has marketing-speak actually been accurate on a product page, like the 5.11 briefs. They breathe, they wick, they keep everything where it needs to be. They are remarkable. They are 5.11 tacticals. To quote the late Bill Paxton, “game over.”


At that point you might as well just go all in and cover your naughty bits with blue paint.


this. entire. thread. TMI.


Boxer briefs sounds like the worst of both worlds.


BB’s didn’t become popular until the 90’s and I was happy w/ briefs; I like the ‘freedom’ of boxers now though I was about 25 when I first tried BB’s and never understood the popularity.

What good is the extra ‘legging’ on a hot summer day other than it’s just another layer of clothing ~ boxers allow better air circulation when wearing shorts. :wink: