The Misfits dress


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It should just be available in one size, after all.


Huh. Looks like it fits just fine.


Jerry and Doyle have been licensing out the Crimson Ghost to Hot Topic and anyone else with money to burn for years now.

There was a legal dispute with Danzig but I’m guessing it turned out in their favor since this tat is still on the market.


I’ve got something to say: I licensed my logo today.


So you are saying what, “No fatties”?


And with that print “20 eyes in my crotch”


The resurgence of the Misfits - as a fashion accessory more than as a band - has puzzled me for quite some time. A few years ago I spotted a Misfits T on a friend’s kid, and when I asked him what his favorite songs were and if he liked other groups from the era (being as how I was into this music in the early eighties, and saw the Misfits on a double bill with Reagan Youth at “Nackack”), he couldn’t respond. I realized he’d probably never heard any circa 1982 punk rock at all, and this shirt was some kind of token.

That wasn’t the last random Misfits merch I saw, and it seemed like a peculiar pattern. The big question for me wasn’t why would today’s kids hold up my generation’s music. It was why was it the Misfits? At the time, I didn’t like them any better than the DKs, or Black Flag, Angry Samoans, MDC, Flipper… I’m flipping through youtube now, and nope I still don’t think the Misfits were as good as any of those bands.

But Misfits merch is all over the place now; it’s reached some sort of iconic status. Why is this? Is it an accidental phenomenon, or are these guys just better at marketing than they ever were at music?


It’s as if you were just reading my mind!


You’re leaking again, popo…


Yeah, Motorhead tees with the logo done in diamante studs were a thing in the UK for a while too - specifically marketed at people who would abhor having to listen to Motorhead. Go figure.


One of my favorite people in the world, Rachel DuBois (at the time), I met in as a junior in high school in Florida. She was crazy smart, unbelievably gorgeous, and at one point asked me why I never asked her out (b/c I was a junior in high school with less-than-zero game). I recall her telling me about modeling in NYC and dating Glen Danzig for a while, and to my 16 or 17 year-old-mind at the time, she was instantly propelled into “goddess” status (even though I didn’t listen to Danzig).
We graduated HS and she got pregnant and moved, and I went into the military. I would love to know what happened to her…
The vast majority of people I went to HS with were forgettable and bland–they’re why I don’t go to the reunions. Rachel, on the other hand, is the one reason I still contemplate going.


Seriously! It always amazes me how many clothes are offered only in tiny sizes.


Simple really. The Crimson Skull logo alone is literally iconic. It also helps that the band name is simple and adaptable out of context while most other bands of that generation had neither of these attributes.

Whats gonna happen is Babymetal will start performing Halloween or 20 Eyes In My Head, a bunch of Shibuya girls will start wearing Crimson Skull shirts and then it will double back to the West again.




They were always more popular for their iconography than their music. Oh, well.


Its a nearly 100% graphic marketing meme, like the smiley face. Take the visual hook of “Andre the Giant has a Posse”, ad an actual rock band, market it through the internet…


To those who would buy it, is the alignment of the eyes with the wearer’s breasts a feature? (I like it) or a bug? (I don’t like it but I’ll buy it anyway) Or irrelevant?

I did some designs for dye sublimation tops a while back and the guidelines included avoiding large faces, and avoiding symmetrical features that indirectly drew attention to the wearer’s breasts.


This is pretty funny because I used to be a member of the original Fiend Club back in the early 80s. Shirts were $5 and they were silk screened by Glenn on cheap Fruit of the Loom t-shirts. The paint would completely fade away after a few washings so I just ended up making my own Misfits shirts using a paint marker. It’s really strange to see their logo on everything now. They might as well be KISS.