Anatomy tees redux


Very cool. I just ordered the stomach one. Thanks Cory!

It’s nice, but it puts your pelvis in your stomach, and the line art looks like it reads better in reverse - black lines on a white field - since that polarity makes the up-facing plane of the iliac crest bright and light-catching.

This is my exact inner structure, done in a tee shirt. Exactly medically accurate.

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Yeah, but white t-shirts make me look like an american tourist.

I’m not saying you should buy a white t-shirt. I’m just saying t-shirt designers should design their art to be photographically positive and still read on a black t-shirt.

Ah! Why do I think this has something to do with your nym? It is an excellent point and I applaud your clear restatement.

I kind of want the stomach one because it is wonderful, but I wish they made a shape that was a bit more feminine with a different neckline (picky, I know. I don’t look good in standard t-shirts though). I hate buying t shirts only to take a huge risk by trying to alter them.

Catchy rappy dark club and I can’t stop: skeletonne: a metric tonne of skele.


Bought the same shirt 2 years ago on Halloween, in a pinch for a costume for a gig my band was playing. I don’t wear it as often as Cory, but I must attest to both it’s awesomeness and how well it is made. My only gripe is that it feels like I should only wear it on Halloween…Maybe I should try one of her muscle tees.

Also, first time using the new comment system; it’s ok, but I long for the in-line comments of yester-yore. Part of why I have always loved boingboing was because of the clever comments from the astute readers. I never get to see them anymore since you have to click through and I’m a lazy skimmer. The comment interface is awesome, however!

On top of everything else, it seems like it would be slimming too.

Funnily enough, I think it is.

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