Mother gives her 16-year-old daughter's crop top to her cat, takes photo


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C’mon, totally the wrong color for that cat! What was she thinking?


There’s a joke here somewhere, but I am leaving it alone.


Can I buy a Vowel?


I think it looks nice. Her mom should review her own clothes instead of roping the cat into her goofy editorials.


I dunno, I think it’s kinda cute. And nearly everyone who’d wear one is somebody’s daughter.


how does anyone knit that for $3
I like the one on the left.


Or it could be the other way around. While cleaning out what was a darkroom for the previous owner of my house I found a rather classic nudie pinup for some local Seattle company. The wife’s comment was that is somebody’s grandma now.


You beat me to it. At $3 per piece retail someone is being harmed.


mom deals with reality by mocking – which is not dealing with reality.
this is not funny, it’s tragic. and common. it’s hard for kids to figure out.


No wonder there’s so much controversy. That top is crocheted, not knit! Yuck.


When mother and daughter are using Amazon reviews to fight, the shirt is not the problem.


As much as the cat photo is amusing, this seems like a case of the (vastly annoying to me as a shopper-on-the-internet, and as a neurotic) “Product was exactly what I ordered; but not what I wanted, one star.” review style(especially bad because it’s ‘product was what my daughter ordered, not what I wanted her to want’).

FFS, people, stop polluting the review stream with reviews that don’t address the question of how good the product is at being what it is supposed to be; rather than how lousy you are at using it, how much you actually wanted a different product, and other irrelevant nonsense…


I read some of the other reviews and it seems many people found the product photos a bit misleading.

The top was smaller than one would expect given the size of the model and the weave was more open than it looked in the photos.

Even people who liked it said it had to be worn over a bathing suit, not alone like in the pic.

But of course given the price, I wouldn’t have been surprised that it wasn’t as good as the pics.


I am awaited in Valhalla, Shiny and Chrome

hopefully by cats wearing clothes like this. :smile:


Am I the only one here who keeps reading “crocheted” as “crotchet-ed” and getting tripped up from giggling at how it looks like a dirty word?


“I’ll pee into your shoes later.”


Why? It’s not all that much different from “minim-ed” or “quavered”, or even “semibreved”. It’s only when things start getting “semiquavered” or “demi-semiquavered” (or even “hemi-demi-semiquavered”) that matters get a bit “out there” - they usually use a whole bunch of beams to connect a bunch of upright stems together, but when they aren’t connecting up the stems, they hang a bunch of flags off them instead. (Whoa!)

You would think that “longa’d” would have more… oomph, but, as you might expect, it’s very rarely encountered.


I have no idea what you said in that post. But I’m glad you did. :smiley:


Musician’s humour. :wink: