The acrobatic Japanese maid/pancake surreal domino-run cookware ad you've been searching for




That’s my fetish!


Is there a name for “that kink you didn’t know you had until you first saw it in action” :question:

Surreal, pleasingly kinesthetic, with a hint of naughtiness.

I would give this two thumbs up but our new emoji set no longer seems to have those icons :blush:


One day…

One day I shall be part of the billionaire set and employ a hundred maids to perform their duties in the least productive ways imaginable.


“Mmmmmmm…Pancakes…Aaaauuugggghhhhh…” :smile_cat: :jp: :smile_cat:


I’d like to see them go through the same routine with waffle irons.


Makes me wonder how the maple syrup is going to arrive…


That video will probably be NSFW.


Japanese maids? I prefer my Japanese maids to be dressed like Japanese maids, rather than Euro-maids.


You know that video with the girls and the cups? It’s like that.


This would happen daily if the Playboy Mansion was located in Japan


That was surpringly pleasing to the eye and mind.

Also, if they actually did the whole thing (or even a big part of it) in one go, it’s pretty impressive.


Here you go.


Generally, I would then complain about Euro maids presented as being Japanese - but since one of them is Shirley Henderson I must hold my tongue.


I’ll be in my bunk…




Sexist titillation is sexist.

I wish they’d at least had the old man scream in pain at the end.


That’s the neat part.


“100 Sizzling Japanese Maids in Action”? Sounds perfectly innocent to me.

ps. The way the (completely redundant) second “good job” is cut abruptly was my favorite part. Don’t ask me why, but I find that sort of editing hilarious. Reminds me of this: