18 microfiber cleaning cloths for $8

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Here is 50 for $12

Gah! I bought the 18 and can attest to their quality. I only share what I buy.


Odd I still have some from aeons ago and a growing collection. Getting new a new prescription for my eyes every other year helps. I actually have two different types of small cleaning cloth (one shiny like those and one more felt like in texture) in my work laptop bag both from the same optician and a bigger more terrycloth type one.

Yeah, I need to do that – I have 3 pairs of glasses (2 of which regularly wear) and its damn expensive when I need new lenses. The glasses are also ROUND or Octagonal so that runs the cost up. getting 1 cloth per pair back is not helpful to me tho.

I tend to shove the cloth in a pocket, use it for 2-3 days and it gets lost. Occasionally I find them in a coat pocket or at the bottom of a travel bag. They do wash in the washer just fine and can be reused many times, but they seem to evaporate on me.

Well if I count an old prescriptions that still sorta work I have lots hanging around. I really should take them to a Lions Club bin. I gave in a little over a year ago now for a pair with only the middle range of my progressives as the computer screens at work pretty much take up most of my field of view.
Come to think of it my new progressives were not much of a change but the frames and lenses were getting a bit beat up so it was just time for something new.

I three pair I keep as “mine” I don’t really buy new glasses. It takes a MASSIVE change for me to want new ones.

I have a pair of late 1800s frameless, white gold glasses that I treasure. I have 2 pairs of round goat horn glasses that are identical in shape, but the patterning on the bone and shade of the bone are very different. One is very dark and one is very light, almost translucent.


Oh man those are sweet. Not sure they would look good on my face though. I just went back to roundish wire frames after having rectangles and a more definite border for 8+ years.

Look at all the crap on those lenses. I suck.

The bone ones are what I wear daily. The frameless are great but I worry they’ll break and I save them for dress occasions, tho lately even for the dinner jacket I wear the round ones.

You are myopic? Long ago I dated a optometry major and she said you can always tell the glasses of a myope as they well look like those. I am always surprised at how icky my glasses are when I notice enough to clean them.

Certainly my imagination suffers, but I’ve got an astigmatism as far as vision goes – and it presents as nearsighted ness.

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