1871 plans map out the first circuit of the globe by telegraph


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It took a while to figure out how to make cables that would hold up to that difficult environment. The trickiest part was the insulation. Many failed attempts were made, some of which would have been aborted earlier had the developers bothered to test a little bit of cable before laying a bunch.


That British map outlines the Mark of the Beast. Uncanny.

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Odegra, like the M25?

And shortly thereafter, came dispatches from Nigeria concerning the transfer of funds.

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The telegraph was behind the crash of the pound against the cowrie shell in 1901. When news arrived that Queen Victoria died, locals thought the currency with her image had died too. Within an hour, the exchange rate had dropped from 1000 to one to 3 to one.

Mungeam — Twenty-five Years in East Africa


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