1915 photo of newsboys in Los Angeles


Who will think of the children?

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Folks really did grow up a lot quicker back then, especially working-class ones. And died a lot quicker too.


To think that their job was replaced with a mechanical box, and that box’s position was replaced by a computer.


And the computer by a phone.

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One on the left: “Real funny with the camera, yeaah. You gonna pay for the picture? Jerk off.”

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back then?

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The one without a sweater looks like a tiny adult.


Thanks, good point. I should’ve said “U.S. white folks.”

This is what the near future will look like if the Republicans succeed in “drowning the government in a bathtub”.


A 15 year head start for your career as a freelancer in the media industry - that’s something you won’t get in college.


Is their lack of shoes a reflection of their poverty or was it accepted dress for children in a mild climate in that era?

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The “Good old days” before pesky government coercion and safety nets. Somebody get those kids some “liberty” shoes and socks stat…


Maybe they had shoes that they only wore to church. At least back then there was probably zero broken glass in the street since all bottles were recycled.

John Stossel on Fox was talking about how the poor are victimized by the minimum wage. His guest was saying how immigrants weren’t held back by the government social programs. He did not mention how they lived eight to a room, suffered from malnutrition, TB, and parasites and died by the age of 50.


I can say that I went barefoot for much of the summer when I was a kid in the 1950s and 60s in Southern California. It had nothing to do with poverty and everything to do with comfort.

And did you sell newspapers on the streets of downtown L.A. in the heat of summer for a few cents a day?


Then (if you have kids or ever do) why don’t you put your kids to work selling newspapers on city streets and save yourself their college tuition?

Heat of the summer? Luxury! When I was a kid, we sold newspapers in the winter. People didn’t want papers that were frozen though, so we had to warm them with our meager body heat. Because we couldn’t afford food, we occasionally would eat one of the weaker newsboys or a sewer gator.


What does that have to do with anything? Do you normally jump to conclusions about others utterances?

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I think it was a joke, dude