1961 Alex Schomburg painting for Amazing Stories


It’s a beautiful painting, but every time I look at it it makes me really sad. Because that little guy is either gonna starve to death in that capsule or find a way to open the hatch. Neither of which idea fills me with glee.

That basically looks like my house.

Yea I was just thinking he’s gonna be really unhappy if he gets that door open.

He’ll asphyxiate before that happens.

But . . . in his hand . . . just look at it.

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So Karl Pilkington wasn’t lying about that Monkey news story.

I kind of feel the same reading about animals like Laika that were sent to space on a one way trip in those early days of space travel.

but did you read yesterday’s news that 165000 humans registered for a one way trip to mars ?

Is it a KickStarter?

No, it has an electric starter. In that sort of weather, you don’t wanna have to get out of the vehicle if it stalls.

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