Unfortunate Frog was not the first amphibian to have bad luck with the US space program


“Lifted to space?” Do these people have ANY idea of how perspective and scale works? Assuming the camera wasn’t destroyed by the exhaust the frog is fine, just probably startled by the loud noise and bright light.

Hi. I do, in fact, realize that the frog was not actually thrown all the way up to space. The wording that I used, “towards the heavens”, was meant to be jokey and indicate that, while the frog was flung upwards it did not make it to space. But thank you for your criticism. I’m sorry if I was unclear.

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I know my post came off shrill, but the number of “OMG, is the frog alright???” posts on the original picture bothered me.

I feel like this frog must be having a “My God, it’s full of stars!” moment, except, instead of thinking that it’s thinking, “ribbit.”

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