SpaceX Grasshopper rocket scares the bejeezus out of a herd of cows near launchpad


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That video, cows or no, is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while!

Though, it kind of reminds me of playing a Lunar Lander knockoff on my dad’s TRS-80 (but with less kaboom)


At first I thought “wow this rocket sucks.” Then the video got all Lunar Lander and it was indeed really cool.


They ain’t exactly crazy about hot air balloons, either.

Or cloud shadows, or pretty much anything big and unexpected coming out of the sky.

Or really, anything big and unexpected. When you’re a prey species, big and unexpected just ain’t your thing.

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Yeah, at first I thought this was a misfire, and I thought “wow, they’re willing to show that, just to share a humorous video about cows?”

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That is frikkin awesome.

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Sounds like a Propane cutting torch. Indeed thought was a misfire. Cool landing.

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Yeah, I think they buried the lede on that one. I’ve seen plenty of cows in my day; even seen some of them running. I’ve never seen a rocket land on it’s fins. Freakin’ awesome!


Oh, there’s the beef.


The next video should have beagles.

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I think the Grasshopper’s been blogged here before.

But nonetheless, a mere 10 comments in 22 hours is pretty lame, IMO… shame, BB community, for not bestowing this thread with the firehose of superlatives it deserves.

Never mind the cows, that is one hell of an impressive feat, no less the second time. Or is that just another angle? I don’t remember seeing grass in the last vid.

When the Grasshopper did its lateral flying maneuver in August, a lot of science stories covered it. Amazingly, not one (that I could find) explains HOW the rocket flies laterally. Does anyone here know?

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