Amazing GoPro video of rocket launched into near space

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Very cool, although the temperature gauge was reading just 4 degrees above absolute zero in the sun. That might need a bit of calibration.

The thermo-analysers have jammed. One of them shows a million degrees, the others minus 5000.


Sometimes, and I’m afraid not often enough, I feel my tax dollars are being put to good use. This here is a fine example.

About 1min 50sec - wow, was that just fortuitous timing or planned? Stunning shot.

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I hope they’re displaying altitude in feet because they’re catering to an American lay audience, and not because they actually measure in feet. :slight_smile:

Amazing shot at 1:50! (as politeruin notes)

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Dang, this looks slick, almost too slick

I had the same feeling, but the NASA link checks out.

The internet has ruined us…

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I realize this is rest-of-the-world-centric, but feet make no sense to me in an aerospace context, and I hate having to plug numbers into Google. It would save a lot of people a little time and effort if you please converted the numbers to metric. :slight_smile:

Ah, didn’t mean it like that! Just that there is a special kind of euphoria for an amateur project doing something like this. Like that vid of someone sending a tiny plastic action figure or something like that to space. It just feels so awesome, space feels so big, the sun so bright. This video otoh fails to capture that feeling for me, since it’s too slick, too well done. Yet it falls short of truly pro level, and the huge ad at the start and the end also gives it an infomercial kinda feel.

It feels like gloss, slick internet viral marketing bullshit, rather than true-joy amateur discovery for the hell of it stuff, in short. Not saying anything about the creators, just talking about the vibe I get off it.

Pity it was ruined with the shitty music. One of the great joys of these videos is listening to a cooling rocket tick and creak, and then the atmosphere re-appearing upon re-entry. The NASA shuttle solid rocket booster vids are amazing mostly for that reason…

I liked it.

So do ALL the bits fall straight down? Do they have control over where they all will land? And also - this should be compulsory viewing for Flat earthers! Yeah, I know they will just say the visible curvature was due to the fish-eye lens, but still…

I like this launch video more

The Soyuz does not rotate as much as the UP rocket and the multistage design gives us a few cool images (booster separation at 2:25 <3).

(ESA’s video page)

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