Man kills Frogzilla, a freakishly huge Texas bullfrog


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I wonder what other odd turns of phrase popularized by notorious fascists have made it into common parlance today…


Bullfrogs are seldom over 8 inches.

“Not as bigly as appears” is an understatement.


“Grab 'em by the bullfrog”, maybe…?


“On another note, has anybody seen Toby?”


So, wait, how big was it?


Kinda off topic: I was going to make a Star Fox reference but wasn’t sure what character said “Do a barrel roll” (didn’t think it was the frog but wanted to make sure). Googled do a barrel roll and was surprised at the result.

Seriously Google it :slight_smile:


Or 1.3 pounds.

In between forced perspective and lying about how big it is, it’s impossible to tell its real size.


He killed the thing he loved, Sad.


A man named Markcuz Rangel shared the photo with the website, stating that it was caught in a pond on a ranch near Batesville and weighed 13 pounds. It appears the creature had been shot and killed, judging by the rifle in the hand of Rangel.

Unfortunately it doesn’t specify the size of the frog but they do mention the weight. Also it seems like a shame the guy killed it instead of capturing it or calling an expert to get it if it was truly a large specimen.


Time to arm the moderate bullfrogs.


Yeah, I think that they forgot to include the decimal point.


What a mindset… here’ s something really unusual, has to be really old to be so big…I’ll kill it…May the god of frogs view you as a bug you dumbass texas freak.


It’s still gonna taste like chicken!


I’m guessing 6-8" snout to vent, maybe a foot and a half including the legs.

Look at the loop of wire around the frog’s neck, and the plant stuck in the wire loop. You can tell that the perspective is very forced, especially if you look at the granularity in the plant.

Also compare with this forced perspective picture of a much larger frog:

Frogs of that species grow to a little over a foot in length (snout to vent) on average:


Read Mark Twain on ornithologists.


I wish it was laid out by a yard stick. The force perspective does make it look bigger than it is, but 13lb is pretty god damn big for a frog. I had a dog that weight 25lbs. Someone is going to eat well.

Also, back when I was a kid, I remember reading some creepy illustrated with photos book about a mist or something that turned people into frog people. Weird stuff.

Finally, where was this hero back in the late 90s when we all needed him?


I know who i want in my party when we go check out that moathouse outside of Hommlet…


13 lbs. Still a HUGE bullfrog.


I wish the “hunter” (of a frog, ffs, a sitting target) had been laid out by a 2 by 4 wielded by an orang-utan who had just been called “monkey”. Before shooting. Does that make me a bad person?