Man kills Frogzilla, a freakishly huge Texas bullfrog


I can’t figure out what the black stuff coming out of its head is. It keeps resembling some kind of luxurious flowing mane.


That’s what my dick pix need! You’re a genius!


He killed Pepe. About time …


Glad I was not the only one.


Unless you’re a vegan, it makes you a hypocrite, but hey, to each their own.


I tried not to look too closely.


In fact veganism still involves the death of animals. It isn’t that I object to. It’s killing for pleasure.
Killing an animal humanely - an animal which wouldn’t have existed but for our intervention usually - for food is one thing. Killing an animal because you enjoy killing things is quite another.


The problem being that it’s wrong. (I guess I shouldn’t have said “lying” because as pointed out, it could just be a misplaced decimal point.) Bullfrogs of an especially large size are a tenth the stated weight. Even goliath frogs, the world’s largest, are less than half the stated weight at most. This isn’t a freakishly large frog - frogs just don’t get that big; structurally it wouldn’t work. So we have no idea how big it actually is, but it’s definitely not as big as they said it is.

Impossibly large, in fact. Even if it was a goliath, which is five times bigger than bullfrogs, it still wouldn’t be a credible number. Either it was actually 1.3 pounds (which doesn’t sound impressive, so someone skipped the decimal point) or they just made up a number.

Yeah, but for forced perspective, the photo needs to be taken close to your dick but far away from the rest of your body. If you can do that, you don’t need forced perspective.


well, that is one way to break the evil queen’s spell…


Pretty sure that guy is going to fry or grill up those frog legs. While I know it isn’t a common food, many people still eat them. I’ve had them, and they aren’t bad. Some restaurants make them their specialty.


Not to be “that guy”, but frog legs are pretty common lots of places (Southern US, China, South Asia, parts of Europe).


Depending where you live, it is uncommon.

Though yes, way more common in some places in the US. That’s my point though, people eat frogs.


sniff he was a good friend of mine.


I never understood a single word he said, but I helped him drink his wine. And he always had some mighty fine wine.


This is a bit misleading. It’s a normal-sized bullfrog. The man, however, is only 22" tall.


So the gun is…compensating for something?


Can’t speak for rural folk in Venezuela, but never heard of anyone eating frogs out there. Though iguanas people do eat. My concern with frogs in tropical countries is that some may not be the best to eat since there are some poisonous ones, so as a rule growing up we’re told not to mess with frogs and toads.

If i saw some out here in the US i’d still steer clear of handling any though i would not mind trying out a few frog legs.


Joy to the World brother! Joy to World! :grinning:


And this is why American bullfrogs have become an invasive species in 40+ countries- escapes from frog farms.

You’ve shown two species there; upper is Goliath frog, lower is African bullfrog (which are a fair bit smaller).

Several record books claim that the largest American bullfrog was one caught in Washington State in 1949 which was 36 inches in length with extended legs, and weighed 7 lb 4 oz.

I find it hard to imagine a frog that big.


Er, pic was from Texas. They do eat frogs in Texas.