1968 Planet of Apes movie screening in theaters this month!

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I’m always rooting for the Apes.

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Born in the early part of 1967, I was afforded the opportunity to see many sci-fi classics on the big screen - including 2001 during a re-release when I was too young to understand it but old enough to have a visual recollection (I’m thinking 1971?).

I have a strong memory of PotA on the ABC Movie of the Week, but not sure if I’m mixing memories.


So, these screenings are in the States. There are no screenings in Canada… Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!!!


Who will stop the bad guys with guns? Good apes with guns, of course.


Oops! Wrong spoiler!


Chuck Conners was in that movie too!

Charlton Heston has certainly left his mark on Sci-Fi history.

I need to see Omega Man still.

I really like the first Planet of the Apes movie. I have seen most if not all off the others, and they didn’t leave the same impression on me.

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I think the main problem with “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” is they assumed the audience needed the first movie recapped, so they spend 40 minutes with James Franciscus going through everything Charles Heston did. I think people didn’t figure out how to write good sequels until the 70’s.


The only problem is: it’s hard to figure out which apes to root for.


Yeah. He’s great as Ben-Hur, but in PotA he was a complete @$$hole.

Spoiled, straight away, on the damn poster.


When John Glenn went up in the space shuttle in 1998 my boss sent me an email that said, “Quick! While he’s up there everybody dress like apes!”

I’d gotten other versions of the same joke and replied, “Yeah, and we only have a short time to half-bury the Statue of Liberty!”

She wrote back, “I don’t get it. Is that from the movie? I haven’t seen it.”

I felt both guilty for giving away the ending and baffled that someone close to my age had no clue that’s how it ended.


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