I am bananas for these behind-the-scenes photos of Planet of the Apes

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Just look at them!


Don’t you ape @doctorow!

Also, I ponder if the stereotypical association of bananas and apes is a violation of our community guidelines. It feels rather speciescist.

Now, stop calling me good chap and stop trying to feed me those dried frog pills. You will have to pry the keyboard from my cold, dead hands!


i’ve been using some of them (the Go-Go Girls one, the bus bench in LA) as desktop pix for awhile now. they are so great. gotta love LA in the 1960s!


2001: A Space Odyssey was the same year and had far more convincing apes.

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As I recall there as only one actual ape in movie (a chimpanzee representing a proto-human child). The others would have been something like Homo Erectus.

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See? They convinced me they were apes rather than Homo erecti!

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I can’t believe that in the re-adaptation that they didn’t include ba-nano technology.

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I hate apes from Chimpan-A to Chimpanzee!


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