1970 film: "Military Etiquette and Grooming For Women in the Army"


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Funny to hear the accents! Old-style Hollywood mid-Atlantic, I suppose, and very careful diction - I wonder if any Americans who were not actors ever spoke like that.


I can’t imagine a girl that hopelessly naive surviving in the military.


So I learned that women in the military are flummoxed by doors, can’t order meals for themselves, and don’t understand how life works when they are off duty. Good thing they weren’t given any guns, right?


Who knew that the Army was so groovy!


Vomit worthy. Indeed…


I still talk that way.

(But in my defense, I’ve spent most of my life in mid-Atlantic states, with a mother from Detroit and a father from the coal fields of WV, so I probably picked up most of my diction training from the tube…)


Don’t be so dramatic. It was fine back then. Ever see Pvt. Benjamin?


". . .beautiful dress, where did you get it? "
My response: Old Navy :joy:


So dramatic :slight_smile: . I’ll watch.


My mom and aunt had those huge paper flowers in their bedrooms in my grandparents’ old house. Does anyone have any idea where one bought those things back then? S & H? TG & Y? The county fair?


Nice dress, Pansy!
Now drop and give me twenty!!!


Craft project. Colored tissue paper (like the kind used for in wrapping/packing gifts, not the the kind used for blowing your nose), wire or pipe cleaners.


I know there is a “makers resurgence” going on right now, but the thing I remember most from being a child in the 70’s was just how many crafts people did, pretty much all the time. All of my older sister’s jeans were embroidered, and she did it her self.

I remember speding a lot of time with this craft series of books, which had everything from macrame to painting your old WV beetle in psychedelic acrilic paints.


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