1990 video of Bill Murray groping Geena Davis on Arsenio Hall resurfaces. "It’s awful," says Davis

Originally published at: 1990 video of Bill Murray groping Geena Davis on Arsenio Hall resurfaces. "It's awful," says Davis | Boing Boing


I love the movie. Glad that I knew nothing about how it was promoted or what went on at the audition. Nothing funny or charming about this. Arsenio comes off a pretty creepy too.

For added grossness, Murray also mentions something about “Herschel Walker watching”.


Recently Seth Green did an episode over at Good Mythical Morning and told a traumatic Bill Murray story he had never told publicly before (queued up to the relevant timestamp)


Even explaining it away as he was doing a performance bit, using her as prop comedy for the audience is still objectifying her, using her without prior setup and informed consent. Ick.


Yeah, that was… deeply unpleasant to watch. Even when he wasn’t overtly pawing at Davis, Murray was near-constantly getting aggressively into her personal space, and it was clear from her body language how incredibly uncomfortable it was making her. And this is how he was behaving around her directly in front of an audience and while being nationally televised.

All of the recent revelations about Murray’s creepiness and bad behavior have been disappointing. He played so many beloved characters and was part of so many great films, and the fact that he’s the kind of person that it clearly turns out he is, feels like it taints the works he was involved with by association. (And many of those films involved Ivan Reitman, who it turns out was also creepy and gross.)

Starting to realize that men who are actually decent human beings must be as rare as hen’s teeth in that industry.


Perhaps the cue was lost when you posted the video. The relevant bit starts at 15:49.


Yeah, it’s a comedic bit I’ve seen done before between performers who were clearly good friends, totally relaxed, and just having fun playing up a silly bit for the audience. This was so clearly not that, and it’s unsettling to watch Hall and the audience being at best interpretation oblivious to her discomfort, and at worst interpretation willingly complicit in it.


I’ll fix it :smiley: thanks


“Bill Murray groping Geena Davis on Arsenio Hall” is the most 1990 headline that is possible. If you could somehow mention Crystal Pepsi, it would be even better.


Weren’t Bill Murray and Al Franken on Saturday Night Live at the same time?

… gotta be a lot more skeletons in that closet :grimacing:


It’s not just the forced smile; it’s the way she’s obviously trying to lean away from him.

The sad thing is that we probably should have seen this stuff coming. I mean, I’m pretty sure Murray was in an SNL skit where he played a teenage boy who pulled on a girl’s sundress. And then his character in Ghostbusters is all about using paranormal research to trick college girls into bed. It’s like he’s played his own id on screen a lot.


Huh, in my memory, all his characters were assholes. They were funny - I like a lot of those films, but assholes.


she was on the englisher show… the graham
don’t know if I need any knowledge what ever…

Many of his characters were assholes, no question, although some of them had great redemption arcs. Phil in Groundhog Day. Larry in The Razor’s Edge. Bob in Lost in Translation. And some were just straight up endearing, like Bunny in Ed Wood, or Badger in The Fantastic Mister Fox.

But point taken. Perhaps it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.


It’s sad when our Hollywood heroes let us down. Certainly by this point, we should have realized they are only just humans like us and make dumb decisions now and then, occasionally in front of an audience but often not. By not commenting, he’s deferring responsibility, when he could just speak out and apologize for his spontaneous action. The expression, “I thought it was funny at the time”, so often repeated, would have been a start. Sorry, could be the last word.

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After a bit of internet sleuthing, I found the episode. Season 7, Episode 8, Bill Murray hosts, and the sketch Seth Green is in is called The Economics of Christmas.

It was a little tricky to find because Seth Green mis-remembered his age, he would have been 7 at the time, which would have only made dangling him over a trash can that much easier.

I couldn’t find a clip, this article was the closest I got, without paying Peacock their blood money.




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