1996 magazine ad says it all about 2026

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In Back to the Future II Doc gave Marty a $20 just to buy a Coke in 2015, so things could be worse.


The one about “Your grandfather did better… your father did better…” really hit home. Our kids have almost no chance of having the kind of income we have. True for my nieces and nephews as well (for all that we keep adding more and more doctorates to the family trophy case.) We (myself and my sibs) are trying to create enough generational wealth that this is not an issue for them too much, but it is really distressing to know this. What a truly fucked up timeline we have dropped into!


We did. And now a grandchild. We are rather invested in making it a better situation for them.


I’m sorry, but can we NOT judge people for their reproductive choices, maybe?


I’m going to pull a Doctorow, here, since I feel like we need his energy and optimism:

“They say in 30 years, renewable energy sources will be so cheap and ubiquitous, that oil companies will be dead relics – akin to TV repair shops and that one Blockbuster in Oregon.”

“They say in 30 years, advancements in AI and miniaturized robots will make health care and invasive surgeries cheap and comfortable.”

“They say in 30 years, demographic shifts will oust the low-information no-nothings and create a truly progressive, Star Trek-ian society.”

We have our to-do list, folks.


@beschizza These ads seem to riff off of Cindy Sherman’s visual style, and perhaps sense of unease, so maybe call them Shermania? Sham-Shermans?


I stopped at a little locally-owned fast food stand in western Virginia a while ago and observed that their milkshakes were $5 for a small and $6 for a large. I was amused, and bemused, to recall that in 1994, Pulp Fiction’s $5 milkshakes were supposed to be a joke about west-coast excess and Los Angeles’ absurd cost of living.

“They say that in 30 years, a cheap milkshake will cost $5.”


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