Here's a great rundown of major moments to come between now and 2050


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That voice over though.


They didn’t compile a list. They made a cheap video of someone with an annoying voice reading a list. I couldn’t get through more than a couple of years’ worth. A simple printed list would be much better.


Missing from that list is somewhere in that time span text to voice would become indistinguishable from humans and replace voice over talent forever.



they missed Drumpf’s impeachment


in 2023, Disney’s copyright will run out

Checked out here. Just not plausible.


PFFFT…at the rate Trump is going, there is no way we are getting to 2020.


Had this video been made 30 years ago, we’d already be on Mars and in flying cars today, so I take much of the stuff from 2025 on as a big maybe.


In the Year 2525…


This is the only world prediction I need. It’s just as potentially accurate too - and with a groovy beat!


Yea, I just can’t take a futurist seriously if they failed to foresee Trumpism 5 or 10 years ago.


My thoughts exactly. Wondering what they will come up with.


The film “Soylent Green” ran in Germany with the title “… Jahr 2022 … die überleben wollen”.


I want to watch this video but at the same time i kind of don’t


Where’s my jetpack and flying car?


For real. It’s okay to “flap” those t’s, kids!


Still no Half Life 3 though.


2050? I appreciate your optimism regarding my lifespan.


Learning of Breakthrough Starshot was a positive outcome of watching this video.