Here's a great rundown of major moments to come between now and 2050


I was kind of disappointed in this. It is pretty heavy on space stuff and not much else.

I don’t think we will see a cure for cancer by 2050, but I would expect major advances in medicine. There is so much we don’t know now about the body and about disease. It is possible there will be a breakthrough and we’ll be able to banish major illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

On the minus side, there is considerable risk at present that we are going to have antibiotic resistance outrun the supply of new antibiotics. Germs with no antibiotic treatment would be a major healthcare disaster. Infections could kill a lot of people, as they used to in the pre-antibiotic era. And surgery is really not safe in the presence of truly antibiotic resistant bacteria.

I also think it is quite a sure thing that we are going to have continued extinction of all kinds of species and a reduction in biological diversity. Elephants are probably not going to make it, long term. Neither are orangutans, gorillas, tigers, etc. Too many poachers, too few animals, slow breeding rates, too high resource needs and competition with humans. Losing big animals like these might make people sad but is probably not an ecological catastrophe. But who knows what else we will lose, or how important it will be to the ecosystem?


Absolutely NOTHING about even one good Caribbean restaurant finally opening up in So Cal by then. NOTHING!!




I know what you mean. But that might be because space exploration requires long-term planning, and we have information on those plans… hence the video went with what was known. I would have liked to have seen something on health related progress based on current trends.


Whoever wrote this script needs some syntax lessons. I plan on not giving it to thems.


Scientists, using models and equations, have been able to accurately predict how boxing will look in the future. Here then, in a glimpse into the world of tomorrow!


Good God. That was excruciating.

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