The next four years in one GIF


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Humanity’s future in one jpeg.


Or the next four and the past forty…


Cory, if that’s your view of the next four years you’ll be sadly mistaken.


How so?



It’s right on target, at least for liberals: a series of defiant moments followed by fascists tossing us in the cooler for a bit. Rinse and repeat, but better results if we work together.


Because this will be the most political active time in American history. We will work to prevent an other holocaust. We will win or loss but I look forward to the most fantastic fight the world will ever see.


Good, then you’ve done your job. We’ll remember you and keep a job for you when you get out.


Here’s how I’m feeling these days about the next four years in gif form:



Perhaps if you take some time off from being a People’s Hero™ and watch the film you’ll get the point you seem to be missing. Even if you don’t it’s still 172 minutes well spent.


Not disagreeing with the sentiment, but let’s make it two years. Only if every commenter, every blogger, every speaker, and every writer harps over and over about the importance of young people voting in every election (not just the big glamorous ones), will there be a chance of at least turning the Senate. Young people should get in the habit of voting for boring things that don’t directly affect them, like school boards, and things that do affect them but are hard to figure out like non-partisan judicial elections. EVERYTHING. Vote every time you get a chance. If young people vote in two years in enough numbers, maybe we can win back the Senate.


OK, the Rebel State of California is with you.


Each day, the dog barks at the mailman, and the mailman doesn’t break into the house.

From the POV of the dog he has saved the pack from certain doom, and then the dog gets back to licking it’s own asshole because that feels good too.

“Fear is the mind killer”: I’m concerned about the next four years too, but lets avoid holocaust talk and work on what the likely REAL issues will be?

Unless you just want to fight, in which case you have the perfect chip on your shoulder already.


Mass deportation. 11 million people.


Why are conservatives so weird.


And Lock Her Up, and Repeal Obamacare, and a lot of other things that get easily fooled people riled up.

Lets stop paying attention to what the Great and Powerful Oz says and pay attention to the tiny hands of the tiny man behind the curtain, ok?

Let us admit this, he is a very effective manipulator. But we have Hearts, Brains, and Courage on our side.


Because they long for a time that never was.


Rule 1. Believe the autocrat.

If he harms less that 11 million people it doesn’t make you right and it doesn’t mean we should let up for a second.