Only conservatives are allowed to harass people in public

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Surely there is an element of “no true Scotsman” here? Of course one would have every motivation to seek out vile right-wing publications and reports thereof that would enable one to disparage The Other. Why would one actively seek out a left-wing “publication” with such abhorrent views? I sure don’t feel like it.

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About fucking time a commentator got it right. The conservatives stand outside abortion clinics screaming at patients and staff daily. They will do anything they want to be as obnoxious as possible if it upsets their poor little sensibilities. But heaven forbid, a mean old restaurant owner politely asked Sarah Sanders to leave because of her support of the policies of the government she works for and her efforts as their mouthpiece.

Not to mention this was possibly the MOST true 1st amendment moment of all the pseudo-1st amendment bullshit we’ve heard in the past few years. She was a private citizen using her free speech, and petitioning her government for redress of grievances. You don’t GET more 1st amendment than that!

No, not going to be civil. Not to these anal secretions and their lackies. Make them so uncomfortable we don’t EVER see their faces in public. Because that’s the only way most of us are going to get access to these jack booted goons.


I guess you missed all the violence at Trump rallies… against Trump followers. Not the other way around.

Also. The violence at Berkley, BLM, and anywhere Antifa is.

Conservatives are hardly ever allowed to speak never mind harrass anyone.

Think about this. If you can invert logic because of past crimes, real or imagined, then you are engaged in “social justice” which freely translated is “Just Us”.

We are a nation of laws not men. If the justice isn’t working then it is all of our faults.

What color is the sky in the world you live in?
Because in the world I inhabit, all the TV channels, most of the newspapers, and the vast majority of the radio airwaves are dominated by Conservatives seek loudly and constantly (and usually incoherently). Or maybe you are speaking about a small area of the Oberlin quad - which is of course directly equivalent to the Presidency, House of Representatives, Senate, and Supreme Court.


Cough Cough


Oh, that is rich.


“Conservatives are hardly ever allowed to speak never mind harass anyone.”

The speak freely on Fox all the time. That said. I agree that conservatives should be allowed to speak on college campuses when invited. It’s wrong for protestors to stop them.


harassing individual voters for any party is not only wrong, it’s stupid in that you are attacking one out of thousand, millions of votes?

let’s talk about politicians using their OFFICIAL social media account to attack individuals and businesses that aren’t politicians or political - can you imagine any Democrat doing that and surviving criticism from even their own party?

can you imagine Obama criticizing a restaurant from his twitter account while in official office?

welcome to the new normal, every day sinking lower and lower

can we go back to “boring” “intellectual” presidents again? pretty please?



I’m sure there are left-wing outlets with abhorent views. Heck, there are still avowed Stalinist orgs out there in America. The difference is that tankies and such are regarded as fringe elements, but eliminationist and assassination and authoritarian and racist rhetoric are part of the current mainstream of conservative discourse in America, as anyone willing to stomach Fox News or Breitbart will quickly confirm.


Christ, even the whole restaurant thing - Biden was turned away by a restaurant. The only people who made a big deal about it were the GOP - who went to Twitter to ask people support the restaurant. So I guess the GOP are consistent in that way - they’re always the ones making the fuss.

The irony that these are the kinds of people who turned out to be snowflakes upset by incivility…

No, because it’s about looking at equivalent media outlets and their messages. It’s not just about the message, but equivalent popularity as well. There’s no left-wing equivalent of Fox. I’m sure you can find some tiny lefty blog that lies with equal fervor, but it doesn’t have the audience. Likewise, there’s no left-wing equivalent of the Federalist - anyone on the left with equivalent articles has about 20 readers.

The fucking irony. (Who inflicts the most injuries at these events? Not Antifa. Who shows up with weapons, with the intent to kill people? Not Antifa. Who has shot people at these events? Not Antifa. Who has killed people at these events? Not Antifa.) Yeah, there’s some ignorance about what’s going on, but it’s not on the part of others.


the insecurity and hypocrisy with the right side of things today (and probably always) is astounding. They have zero ability to discuss anything with rationality and intelligence. They resort to fear and hate almost as quickly as they jump on morality and values.


Ummm… That’s because Facebook, Twitter, and others all allow these fantasies for the left. Remember the Trump beheading, the Fonda comments about his kid?

All those could be reasonable called left wing publications due to the tolerance of left issues and censoring of the right.

No equal time allowed for conservatives.

Ahhh, it’s the return of the anti fascist = fascist false equivalency meme. Got it.


“When invited” is key, as is why they’re invited. It’s campus conservatives who invite right-wing trolls and hatemongers like Coulter and Yiannopoulos to speak on campus, and they do it because the platform give them a sheen of academic respectability. Universities need to be more discriminating about who they allow a platform, because Coulter is no longer that far removed from David Duke.

When a speaking engagement by one of these types occurs in a campus building I have no problem with other members of the academic community protesting them, heckling them, and shouting them down. As long as there’s no physical violence being initiated by the protesters it’s valid, and the same goes for hounding fascists out of restaurants and movies.


I was just going to ask, what happened to the party of “FUCK YOUR FEELINGS?”

Do they really think that shit only goes one way?


What this means is, “Conservatives are hardly ever allowed to speak without people publicly disagreeing with them.” To some people, that’s a kind of injustice: how dare people be angry at what I say or disagree with it?


Facebook… Twitter… no equal time allowed for conservatives?!?
Do you not have relatives on Facebook? Do you not know about our President?!?!