Only conservatives are allowed to harass people in public

Only conservatives are allowed to harass people in public?!?


Bike lock swung by professor of philosophy.
Antifa with vandalism, violence, fire.
Trump supporters bullied and bloodied.
Man in Trump hat assaulted is almost a meme.
That does not even get into all the spitting, kicking, flying drinks.

The list goes on and on and on.


Although I try to get along, I can’t help but think this is exactly what MLK meant when the wedding cake or speak english or get out rationals are brought up.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

At least that restaurant owner was actually judging Sarah by her content of character and not because of some built up stereotype.


Jessie Waters built his career on harassing liberals, and exposing “hypocrisy”. While of course being mentored by a (likely)rapist and wife beater who complained of how immoral liberals were.


Antifa was at Charlottesville, too.


There is a no question that conservatives are censored while leftists are not. Just look up YouTube demonitizing.

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There is no question that

Sweeping generalization stated as if it can’t be argued with.

Selective “evidence”.

Yep. Not worth it.


Dude, EVERYONE is getting demonitized on youtube this past year… it’s one of Google’s business objectives. With every conservative being bullied you find, we can find one on the left. The difference is that the President of the United States is the damn BULLY. HE IS THE BULLY. That’s gotta be worth something in the world you live in.


The major thing that sets bbs apart from all other platforms is the quality of the commentariat. Generally, folks bring thoughtful, incisive discussions to bear while oftentimes disagreeing. This is usually free of personal attacks, but it still usually contains substance. Your thin rhetoric will be picked apart piece by piece. Not because you’re conservative, but because it contains no substantive thought.


Point taken. But I am on my phone. I could do better with a computer. Apologies, although the comments are not sourced they are accurate.

If - as you think it - you’re arguing for fairness in the public sphere - you’re a social justice warrior Gabs.


The late blogger Steve Gilliard used to have a saying about his site, the commentariat and management of which was much like this one: “trolls can’t hang here.”

It wasn’t a proscriptive statement but one of fact that emerges from a combination of active moderation* and a community that is more educated and informed than average. Here as there, right-wing trolls generally get laughed out of the room for their inevitable errors, get strung along for the entertainment value due to their inevitable lack of self awareness, or get banned when they inevitably display one of the ugly core values of modern movement conservatism.

[* this site has the added benefit of a technical system that supports the mods]


We will aggressively nuke any posts engaging in name-calling or other disrespectful behaviours towards other posters here.

If you believe something violates the community guidelines, flag it. It is not appropriate to disrespect posters that have positions with which you disagree. As many have done here, the correct response is a counterpoint to allow participants and lurkers here to make their own decisions on a topic.



I’m not talking about sources. I’m saying that your main talking points aren’t substantive. There are no statistics to back up misuse of terms and concepts such as “equal time”, “free speech” and “censorship”. You are disingenuously and intentionally using them out of context to paint a preposterous portrait of the “oppressed conservative holding a mirror to lies”. I grew up in a conservative Christian household and am quite familiar with how this manifests and allows you to opt out of thinking too deeply on a subject. When you take this sort of rhetorical stance, you not only make yourself a target for ridicule, you subvert whatever intent you are trying to express by using concepts that only sound like they mean something.

To wit: no one called you a fascist, yet you play a victim to a “leftist shout down” (how that’s even possible on an open Internet forum I have no idea). This approach can’t be validated by citing some Breitbart article, bud.

Edited to finish an incomplete thought.


It does indeed.

Woman stabbed.
Man speared.
Woman run over and killed, nineteen others injured.

Wait, sorry, that was right-wing violence.


Bill O’Reilly harassed Dr.Tiller to the point that someone shot him at Sunday services of his church. So asking for “decorum” from folks that at worse don’t serve you dinner by comparison is pathetic. Conservatives can whine all they want but their side has actually murdered people in their own churches for their beliefs in recent memory.


You may need to get some boring, intellectual (or at least half-educated) voters, first. To say nothing of getting some intellectual media.


And near-recent memory, and distant memory and time immemorial. And so it goes.


Dude, anti-abortion kooks drove around with trucks that had pictures of aborted fetuses on them to harass people in traffic. They even tried to document who got abortions as to harass them further after the procedure.